Sonia Delaunay: Silver & Enamel Pendant 'Abstraction', France 1979
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Sonia Delaunay: Silver & Enamel Pendant 'Abstraction', France 1979

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Item Description: "Sonia Delaunay: Silver & Enamel Pendant 'Abstraction', France 1979"

Sonia Delaunay (1885 - 1979): Silver & Enamel Pendant ‘Abstraction’
Silver 925, cloisonné enamel in red, orange, white, black (with a cell-like silvery structure), shades of green and blue
Size of pendant: 7 to 4.7 cm, L of neck ring 38 cm
Mark on front: ‘S.Delaunay’ in handwriting
Marks on back: ‘ARTCURIAL  139/350’ ‘925’ ; French Maker’s Mark ‘P T’ in lozenge
Marks on neck ring: ‘925’; indistinct French lozenge-shaped maker’s mark
France, 1979

Authorized by Sonia Delaunay in the last year of her life the pendant ‘Abstraction’ was edited by Artcurial, Paris, in a limited series of 350.
The pendant is accompanied by its original box, its certificate stating it to be exemplar no. 139 of 350, sold in 1982, and a leaflet informing about Artcurial and Sonia Delaunay’s textile, wallpaper, porcelain designs and the design, material and manufacture of the pendant.

A pendant from the same series was shown in 2010 at the Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg, Germany,  as part of the exhibition ‘Von Picasso bis Warhol – Künstlerschmuck der Avantgarde’, initiated by Diana Küppers.

All parts of the pendant in original, undamaged condition.

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