Tapio Wirkkala: 'Kuunsirppi' Silver Pendant
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Tapio Wirkkala: 'Kuunsirppi' Silver Pendant

Item No.: RGG00002

Item Description: "Tapio Wirkkala: 'Kuunsirppi' Silver Pendant"

Tapio Wirkkala: Pendant 'Kuunsirppi' (Crescent Moon), 1971
Silver 925
L 11 cm; W 8.2 cm
Marks: 'NW  925H', [Finnish national mark], [city mark for Helsinki],  'T7' (= year mark for 1972)
Finland, 1972

In 1970/71 Tapio Wirkkala designed a series of three 'moon' pendants (Hopeakuu, Puolikuu and Kuunsirppi) which were manufactured at the company of Nils Westerback Ky, Helsinki. Other than 'Hopeakuu' the pendant 'Kuunsirppi' has been manufactured only in one size. It is composed of 9 concentric silver semi-circles of varying width, loosely held by small silver ringlets to the horizontal base line of the upper part of the pendant, whose shape corresponds with the curves of the moving semi-circles.

Aav, Marianne (ed.): Tapio Wirkkala - eye, hand and thought. Helsinki 2000, pp. 193, 371

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