Herbert Haarstick Modernist Pearl Gold Long Chain Necklace
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Herbert Haarstick Modernist Pearl Gold Long Chain Necklace

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Item Description: "Herbert Haarstick Modernist Pearl Gold Long Chain Necklace"

Herbert Haarstick: Unique Modernist Pearl Gold Long Chain Necklace
18k yellow gold, cultured pearls
L 96.5 cm, W 1.6 cm; pearls approx. 0.65 cm
Marks: maker’s mark; gold content mark ‘750’
Germany, 1950s – 1960s

The sophisticated construction of Herbert Haarstick's unique modernist long chain necklace places the pearls in a round, three-dimensional golden frame containing a 3-bar-grid. Pierced by one of the gold bars the pearl is – still turnable - fixed in place by a second and third gold bar crossing the first in front and behind in a right angle.
The elements are linked by smaller, polished, massive gold discs of the same diameter as the pearls. The closure is hidden in one of the round grid elements.  All parts of the necklace solidly constructed (weighing approx. 116 grams), it will endure being worn as one’s favorite long chain on countless occasions.

Herbert Haarstick (1913-1983) was a master-goldsmith in third generation of a family of girdle-makers and goldsmiths in Bremen, Northern Germany, where his descendants carry on the tradition with their studio till this day.
His father August Haarstick (1882-1964), a member of the German ‘Werkbund’ and in close connection to the members of the artist’s colony at Worpswede, became his first teacher.
After finishing his apprenticeship in the workshop of his father, Herbert Haarstick visited the School of Decorative Arts Schwäbisch Gmünd and passed his exam for a master goldsmith in 1937.
After WWII he worked - besides the reconstruction of house and workshop - as a part-time teacher at Staatliche Kunstschule Bremen (State School of Arts Bremen).

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