Moonstone 18k White Gold Cufflinks

Item No.: RGG00458

Item Description: "Moonstone 18k White Gold Cufflinks"

Moonstone 18k White Gold Cufflinks
18k white gold, moonstone
Fronts 1.3 cm by 1.1 cm (approx. 1/2” by 7/16”)
Weight approx. 11.8grams
Marks: gold content mark ‘750’ for 18k gold
ca. 1990s – 2000s

A pair of modern 18k white gold cufflinks, set with moonstone cabochons of a discreet size and beautiful blueish adularescence or sheen, the oval domed backs of polished white gold corresponding with the shape of the fronts, their hinges working perfectly. Easily to adjust to a cuff.

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