Max Pollinger Platinum Gold Clip-Post Drop Earrings
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Max Pollinger Platinum Gold Clip-Post Drop Earrings

Item No.: RGG00403

Item Description: "Max Pollinger Platinum Gold Clip-Post Drop Earrings"

Max Pollinger: A Pair of Platinum Gold Clip-Post Drop Earrings
Platinum, 18k yellow gold
L 4.0 cm, W 1.5 cm
Weight approx. 25.1 g
Marks: maker’s mark of Max Pollinger; ‘750’ for 18k gold; ‘Pt’ for platinum
Germany, 1980s – 1990s

The egg shaped drops have been crafted with the same marvellous precision as the gold cabochons set in platinum rings covering the earlobes and the interlinking domed disc elements of platinum and gold. Harmoniously proportioned and perfectly crafted.

Max Pollinger (1932 – 2000) graduated from the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, where he had become a master student of Prof. Franz Rickert (goldsmithing) from 1946 to 1949. In 1957 he passed his exam as a master goldsmith, since then leading his own jeweller workshop in Munich. 

He was issued a license to execute jewellery designs of Wassily Kandinsky by Kandinsky’s second wife, Nina.

Pollinger's own designs have often been mistaken for Hemmerle as there are sometimes to be found jewellery pieces bearing both, the Hemmerle and the Pollinger mark. According to Hemmerle, Pollinger executed Hemmerle designs for the Munich jeweller which were marked with both marks.
Other renowned jewellers throughout Europe retailed Pollinger's own designs.

Kindly note that the ears of our ‘model’ are about 1 cm ( ½”) in length and width smaller than a human ear.

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