Friedrich Knupper: Postmodern 'Grid' Silver Brooch (a)
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Friedrich Knupper: Postmodern 'Grid' Silver Brooch (a)

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Item Description: "Friedrich Knupper: Postmodern 'Grid' Silver Brooch (a)"

Friedrich Knupper : Postmodern 'Grid' Silver Brooch
Patinated silver, red lacquered steel, brass (screws)
L 6 cm; W 6 cm
Marks: 'F. Knupper  4/5  81' (engraved by hand); maker’s mark and silver content mark '925' (stamped)
Germany, 1981

After first experiments with flexible grids Knupper turned to more solid perforated silver plates. Less flexible in material they gave him greater flexibility for his designs as they needed no frame to keep them from fringing.
In 1981 he published the matching wall object to the brooch on offer  in the  'Goldschmiedezeitung'  (vol. 6/1981, p.64), explaining how he explored the possibilities of creating three dimensional objects out of two dimensional grids without destroying the strict vertical-horizontal structure of the grids.
Whereas in the wall object the red lacquered pin already reaches over the rim of the grid, thus making the grid part of a larger composition, the dimension of the brooch is defined by the grid with the pin ending in one of its corners. According to Knupper's marks on the back the brooch is the fourth of a series of five identical pieces made by him in 1981.

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- Bott, Gerhard (ed.): Friedrich Knupper. Schmuck und Objekte. Nürnberg 1990, pp. 32 (matching wall object), 70 (related brooches)

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