Friedrich Knupper: Postmodern 'Buoy' Necklace
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Friedrich Knupper: Postmodern 'Buoy' Necklace

Item No.: RGG00010

Item Description: "Friedrich Knupper: Postmodern 'Buoy' Necklace"

Friedrich Knupper : Postmodern 'Buoy' Necklace
Stainless steel, partially lacquered
L 80 cm; centre part 13.5 to 2.8 cm
Germany, 1987

During the last year of his life Knupper realized a childhood dream by participating in a sailing course. Nautical subjects find entrance into his jewellery motivs. In 1987 he creates a series of 'buoy' necklaces, made of silver, steel, lacquer and / or acrylic.
The necklace on offer  is made of steel, the 'buoy' with a matte black lacquer finish softly reflecting the light.

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- Bott, Gerhard (ed.): Friedrich Knupper. Schmuck und Objekte. Nürnberg 1990, p. 86 (depicting a similar necklace)

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