Victor Greidenberg: A French Art Deco Toucan Brooch
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Victor Greidenberg: A French Art Deco Toucan Brooch

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Item Description: "Victor Greidenberg: A French Art Deco Toucan Brooch"

Victor Greidenberg, France: An Art Deco Toucan Brooch
Silver plated, partially sulphurized metal
H 6.2 cm, W 4.3 cm
Marks: “GREIDENBERG  PARIS”; maker’s mark
France, ca. 1919 - 1939

The brooch is made of a sawn out layer of metal forming the contour and at the same time the base for smaller pieces of metal which are riveted on the base layer, giving shape to the proportions of the two birds. The metal is silver plated and in parts sulphurized. The dark parts are partially sulphurized and partially showing patina from age, making a picturesque contrast to the polished parts. The patina can be removed easily but as it will probably take years to grow again, we will leave the decision to remove or leave it in place to the new owner.

The brooch is a rare example of the handmade bijoux for Parisian couturiers and private clientele by Victor Greidenberg, who was registered in Paris as “orfêvre” and “fabricant bijoutier” in 1919. Apart from costume jewellery Victor Greidenberg soon made himself a name as a supplier of costume accessories and extravagant raw materials for couturiers, milliners, purse makers and other Haute Couture related professionals.
In 1928 he founded together with René Le Marchand “La Maison Ardor”, which today is especially remembered for its creations of buttons and buckles for Elsa Schiaparelli and other Parisian couturiers.
Victor Greidenberg emigrated to the United States in 1939.

Müller, Florence: Les Paruriers. Bijoux de la Haute Couture. Brussels 2006, pp. 25; 88-89.

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