1970s Modernist Garnet Gold Bracelet
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1970s Modernist Garnet Gold Bracelet

Item No.: RGG00248

Item Description: "1970s Modernist Garnet Gold Bracelet"

A Modernist Garnet Gold Bracelet
14K yellow gold, various garnets (rhodolite, pyrope, spessartine, grossular, etc.)
L 19.3 cm, W 2.4 cm; weight 65.3 g
Marks: maker’s mark ‘ST.’ in a lozenge; gold content mark ‘585’
Germany, ca. 1960-70

A 1960s 1970s modernist gold bracelet set with an array of autumn coloured garnet varieties, solidly worked (weighing approx. 65 grams) though delicate in appearance due to the detailed openwork of the links forming a flexible, well fitting, easy-to-wear band around the wrist.

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