Ehinger-Schwarz: Floral Silver Necklace
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Ehinger-Schwarz: Floral Silver Necklace

Item No.: RGG00094

Item Description: "Ehinger-Schwarz: Floral Silver Necklace"

Ehinger-Schwarz: Floral Necklace of Patinated Silver
Patinated sterling silver
L 41 cm,  W 1.5 to 2.5 cm
Marks: silver content mark ‘925‘, maker’s mark
Germany, 1970-1980

Stylized leaves of patinated silver are loosely arranged to a necklace, designed by Wolf-Peter Schwarz (1942 - ) and his wife Ann-Charlotte, former owners and creative heads of the long-established German jewellery manufacture Ehinger-Schwarz in Ulm.

Ludwig, Reinhold: Schmuck-Design der Moderne: Geschichte und Gegenwart // Modern Jewellery Design: Past and Present. Stuttgart 2008, p. 244-249.

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