Theodor Fahrner: Art Nouveau Button
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Theodor Fahrner: Art Nouveau Button

Item No.: RGG00172

Item Description: "Theodor Fahrner: Art Nouveau Button"

Theodor Fahrner: Art Nouveau Button
Silver 950, enamel in shades of blue
Diameter: 2.65 cm
Marks on back: ligated “TF” in a circle, "950", company mark of Murrle, Bennett & Co., "REGD"
Marks on front: London import marks 1903-1904
Germany, 1903-04

The London company Murrle, Bennet & Co. had a close connection to the company of Theodor Fahrner: Ernst Mürrle, born in Pforzheim, was a friend of Theodor Fahrner. He visited Pforzheim regularly up to six times a year to review and order the new products of Pforzheim manufacturers for the London store of Murrle, Bennet & Co. in Charterhouse Street. Designs by Patriz Huber and Max J. Gradl for Theodor Fahrner became very popular.
The button is possibly a design by Max Gradl.

- Leonhardt, Brigitte; Zühlsdorff, Dieter (eds.): Theodor Fahrner: Schmuck zwischen Avantgarde und Tradition. Exhibition Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim 1990/91, pp. 92-96 (for designs by Max J. Gradl); p. 272 (for the connection of Murrle, Bennett & Co. with Th. Fahrner)

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